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Usability Testing – Few points to look at

1. The mobile application layout should be rearranged for better user Experience, when the user changes the screen orientation to landscape or portrait. 2. Utilizing the display area in the device for the links, menus, images, etc. should be well distant from the edges of

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Types of Testing for Mobile Application

Usability This includes text visibility, navigation between screens, response from interaction with system. Compatibility testing This entails validating the application for different mobile devices, OS versions, screen sizes, and resolutions as per requirement Interface Testing This covers validation of each screen, buttons, text inputs, navigation

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Why to do Software Testing ?

Regardless of the limitations, testing is an integral part in software development. It is broadly deployed in every phase in the software development cycle. Typically, more than 50% percent of the development time is spent in testing. Testing is usually performed for the following purposes:

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Mobile SEO Best Practices

1.0 Load Time Optimization Page Load Time is a top factor for Mobile SEO. Load Time is influenced by: – Number of header requests a browser makes to a server. – Number and size of images on the page. – Number and size of JavaScript