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Database Knowledge for Tester – Part 1

1. Database concepts 1.1 Codd’s Rule for RDBMS – 12 Rule Rule 1: The Information Rule All data should be presented in a table form Rule 2: Guaranteed Access Rule All data should be accessible without ambiguity. Rule 3: Systematic Treatment of Null Values Support for Null

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Testing is finding a solution rather than a problem

What are the major challenges that you come across in your day to day work because of managerial decision and sometime you really feel frustrated because of them and it effect your productivity? I hope you came across with such a situation quite often when

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HP Quick Test Professional Tutorial Chapter 6

1 Checkpoint In my previous chapter, I touch base with checkpoint but not in great detail. In this Chapter I am going to talk only about Check Points/Verification Points/Validation Points. First I will describe what is a Checkpoint? Let me explain the concept of Checkpoint with an

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Test Scenarios for Sending and Receiving Emails

Test Scenarios for Sending & Receiving Emails  1-    Check the Email Templates must have following fields: a. To b. CC c. BCC d. Subject line e. Main Body 2-    Validate the Email functionality using the TO, CC and BCC. 3-    A default format should be