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HP Quick Test Professional Tutorial Chapter 2

1 FILE Menu In the first series of this article you have seen the usage of various commands available in File Menu option. This paper is in continuation of my previous series and in this series we will mainly the File->Settings option. I have not included Setting explanation in

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Web Development, Mobile Website or Mobile App

To reach your intended audience across the globe, online presence plays an important role. Team Kroogerr is highly efficient in Web Designing, Website Development, Mobile friendly Responsive Designs, and Mobile Application development. We assure you to provide all these at minimal cost !! Team Kroogerr

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization

In my Last Blog, I wrote about Testing of Facebook Applications or Pages. During the course of time, I would like to cover as many as hot topics I can. In my this post, I would like to cover few SEO points which we can

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Testing of Facebook Applications

Now a days, all the organizations or brands are creating their Facebook pages and applications. As a Tester, I have jolted down few points which we should ensure- 1. Does the FB application prompts for ”Request for permission” to allow or disallow for accessing the user

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Automation Framework – Beyond Buzzword

1. What is Automation? Controlling one application for another application. 2. What is Framework? A structure which consists of all the building blocks for developing an application. 3. What is Automation Framework? You are going to use the building block of structure to develop application