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Usability Testing – Few points to look at

1. The mobile application layout should be rearranged for better user Experience, when the user changes the screen orientation to landscape or portrait.
2. Utilizing the display area in the device for the links, menus, images, etc. should be well distant from the edges of the screen in order to give better usability on touch screens.
3. More of radio buttons, checkboxes should be used in order to minimize the amount of typing the user needs to do.
4. Mapping of Keyboard Keys with the application for the better user interaction e.g Done, Search
5. Deep level linking to the page should be avoided. In most of the case limit clicking upto 2 level
6. Only specific and short information should be displayed especially on Home Page
7. Gesture usage should be effecting throughout the application e.g. Swipe, Tap, Long Tap, Pinch
8. Use of ‘Trackballs, Track wheels, Touchpads’ should function for the website in case the device is not having touch screen

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