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Testing is finding a solution rather than a problem

What are the major challenges that you come across in your day to day work because of managerial decision and sometime you really feel frustrated because of them and it effect your productivity?
I hope you came across with such a situation quite often when you are asked to focus on things decided by management.
I am taking a typical example, you are doing a testing of a product and you are very much motivated about your work. Suddenly something happen and you are asked to do some other thing. How do you feel at that point? Stressed, Frustrated, de-motivated…
Well let’s discuss about how you can counter such a situation which may have negative impact on your productivity and thus your quality work.
Some of the key points that should always be on mind of a Quality Person to keep him/her motivated all the time is mentioned below. I have learnt all these from my experience.

    • Be flexible in your work
    • Do not create problems and always come up with some solution
    • If you are asked to do some other activity, put your points why the work you are doing is more important. You are best judge to decide.
    • Support your peers and seniors in making a smooth delivery. There is always pressure on managers. If you create problem, then project delivery will go nowhere.
    • Quality person should work with “providing solution” mindset when they are reporting any problem.

“Quality is polishing a dirty mirror and not making it dirtier by reporting problems instead of its solutions.”
There are always challenges and fighting and then overcoming with challenges is what a quality person always did. This is my personal opinion.
I always face many challenges in my work life. These challenges are less related to your core product but rather related to the stakeholders, your internal customer, external customer, and your team. Don’t you agree? Just try to think on these aspects for a second and then analyze what I am saying is correct or incorrect.
How many times your manager calls you for a meeting? How much time actually you spent on your work? How much time daily, weekly, monthly and yearly you spent on just doing meeting? If you are going to analyze these statistics, then you will be really amazed.
I would like to invite other people too to share their opinions and of course the challenges that they are facing in their day-to-day work.


One thought on “Testing is finding a solution rather than a problem”

  1. Sajan Rastogi says:

    I really like this article….Testing is not for making things dirty, it is a way to find out the dust and how to remove it…

    You guys keep rocking….!!

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