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Test Scenarios for Upload Functionality

Now a days, all the organizations or brands are creating their application where we need to upload some files and Images. As a Tester, I have jolted down few points which We should ensure:

1. Validate the Upload button open the window to select the file / Image from the system.
2. Validate image can be uploaded of different extensions ( ex: PNG, JPEG, PDF, .doc/x, etc…..)
3. Validate once the file has been upload, can be changed further.
4. Validate when the image or file is being upload, in between button should be clickable.
5. Validate the MIN and MAX side upload functionality of the application and proper Error message must be displayed.
6. Validate image can be upload from different drives like internal drives (C / D), external drives (Pen drive / CD-ROM, etc..) and from the Network drive.
7. Validate any .exe should not be uploaded.
8. Validate uploading can be canceled if cancel button provided.
9. Validate multiple files can be selected for upload if application is capable for that.
10. Validate the progress bar should be visible if uploading taking enough time.
11. Validate the image quality should not be changed.
12. Validate the successfully upload image is visible to the user.
13. Validate uploaded file has not changed its name.
14. Validate the uploaded image or file can be download to the system if option available.


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