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Test Scenarios for Sending and Receiving Emails

Test Scenarios for Sending & Receiving Emails 

1-    Check the Email Templates must have following fields:

a. To
b. CC
c. BCC
d. Subject line
e. Main Body

2-    Validate the Email functionality using the TO, CC and BCC.

3-    A default format should be same for the all Incoming and Outgoing Emails.

4-    Recipient address (To, CC & BCC) must be validate before sending the Email.

5-    Email subject line should not be black and must check before sending.

6-    If special CHAR allowed in Body part, must be handled accordingly.

7-    All the language characters (English, Russian, Hindi, Chinese ..etc) must be handled properly and should not show as junk CHAR on Receiving the E-mails.

8-    Validate the plain TEXT E-mail and Rich TEXT or HTML formatted TEXT E-mail format for sending and Receiving E-mails.

9-    Validate that Plain or Rich Signature can be used in Email.

10- Validate that Email can be sent to all the major Email clients: Outlook, Gmail, Rediff, Yahoo, Hotmail,….etc.

11- Validate attachment can be added successful and Email sent with it.

12- Validate the MIN or MAX size of the attachment.

13- Validate the different format attachment can added in the mail; eg-.doc/x,.xls,pdf,..etc

14- Sender name in the received mail should not be blank or should be as added by the Receiver.

15- Validate Email can be sent to the multiple Recipient.

16- Validate that REPLY/REPLY ALL to an Email has the correct recipient names.

17- Validate the DRAG and DROP feature for the attachment (If supported)

18- Validate the Attachment name is correct while added to the Mail.

19- Validate the Email saved in DRAFT when option used Save/ Send later.

20- Validate send Email is saved in SENT folder.


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2 thoughts on “Test Scenarios for Sending and Receiving Emails”

  1. Varun Sharma says:

    Some More
    1 Bcc marked email address should not be displayed.
    2 Email subject could be blank , but and Advisory pop up message should be displayed before sending it.
    3 if signature facility is supported than Signature should be displayed.
    4 OOO facility should be working fine if supported.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Varun for your valuable reply…!!!

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