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HP Quick Test Professional Tutorial Chapter 6

1 Checkpoint In my previous chapter, I touch base with checkpoint but not in great detail. In this Chapter I am going to talk only about Check Points/Verification Points/Validation Points. First I will describe what is a Checkpoint? Let me explain the concept of Checkpoint with an

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Test Scenarios for Upload Functionality

Now a days, all the organizations or brands are creating their application where we need to upload some files and Images. As a Tester, I have jolted down few points which We should ensure: 1. Validate the Upload button open the window to select the

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Test Scenarios for Sending and Receiving Emails

Test Scenarios for Sending & Receiving Emails  1-    Check the Email Templates must have following fields: a. To b. CC c. BCC d. Subject line e. Main Body 2-    Validate the Email functionality using the TO, CC and BCC. 3-    A default format should be